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Hummingbird. An orginal series. Inspired by true events.

How far would you go to understand why someone you truly love one day decided to join ISIS ?


A psychological thriller. Plot based. Character driven.


Imagine the feeling



    One day you wake up. You grab your keys, a cup of coffee and before you head out you take a look into your daughter’s room to make sure she’s getting ready for school when you realize she’s not there. She’s gone. 

    She ripped all the posters on her walls, didn’t pack any clothes, emptied her bank account and she didn’t leave any note.

No ransom asked. The police can’t find her. She just vanished in thin air.

    Two long and dreadful weeks pass by before you receive a message on Facebook. The sender looks a lot like your daughter, standing over dead bodies in the middle of a war zone. She has a familiar scarf wrapped around her innocent looking face.

And up high in the air, like a trophy in her naive, young, delicate hands, she’s holding an AK-47.

Her mouth is pursing in a self-satisfying smirk, arraying the arrogance of triumph and victory.

    The message is brief. And conveys no emotion. 

    And that’s it...

Your daughter has deliberately chosen to become a member of ISIS, and devoted herself to a life of terrorism.

If she ever steps back into US soil, she’ll go straight to prison for high treason and conspiracy against national security.

   And now you start wondering,

 How did I not see this coming? What did I do wrong? And...


What on earth could have possibly gone wrong in her head…?

Hi mom, hi dad.

I’m in Syria. I’m doing my Jihad.

Don’t look for me. Don’t try to understand.


This is not about politics. This is not about religion.

This is about real human beings, taking radical actions, right under our noses.


Inspired by true events

These are just a few of the many thousands sons and daughters all accross the globe who have joined or attempted to join ISIS.

They all come from different cultures, religions and socio economical backgrounds.

What lures them away goes beyond any religious or political beliefs.