In the role of PETE


    With over 64 film credits, Dennis is probably one of the most famous Comedian Albinos in the world. And as he says it himself, he's a real bargin!

    Quote, "Best thing about my pale skin is I can play a dead body with no make up. I'll save you on your budget!"

     You may have also seen his peculiar dance skills on the recent music clip of Justin Timberlake Can't stop this feeling, along with Cazzey L. Cereghino who plays Grig



In the role of STEPHANE

    Chet, a graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television - magna cum laude for those who care about such things - is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

     He has made his living in the commercial world for the past 20 years.  Other selected roles include on screen in The Gunfighter, and Dogcatchers and more recently on stage as Bohunk - King of the Jungle in The Monkey's Choice.   

      Most days you can find him relaxing with his dog while listening to a ballgame.


Steven, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Chet Nelson, actor
Pete, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Dennis Hurley, actor