Big, tall and menacing. Not the type of guy you’d like to mess around with. But despite his rustic look and deep voice, he has a golden heart and doesn’t think twice when it comes to helping others.

    He lives across the street from Sam working in his garage as a mechanic, always covered in grime and stained with grease and oil.

    Every time Sam needs a hand with her troublesome car, a nice punch in the hood usually gets it back running. The kind of trick you learn in Afghanistan when your army jeep is stuck in the desert and there are no Pep Boys around to help you out.

    When Sam finds herself in big trouble, Grig won’t hesitate to put his own life in danger to shield her from any physical harm.

Steven, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Cazzey Louis Cereghino, actor

performed by Cazzey L. CEREGHINO



performed by Dina FREBERG

     Sam’s neighbor and Grig’s adopted daughter.

    She never met her parents but she’s grateful to Grig for taking her out of the streets, and for giving her a second chance in life despite his modest resources.

   Nevertheless, old habits die hard. You may find her pole dancing at some gentlemen clubs earning some extra money to go through her law studies.

    When Sam finds herself in trouble Jess might be the only friend able to land her an ear and provide some legal street smart advice. 

Jess, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Dina Freberg, actor