A huge prick. Or at least he comes across like one. Smart and witty. Extremely self confident, arrogant and pretentious. A quick tongue type of guy used to getting away with his ambitions.

    He’s the wealthy owner of a popular social media company used by most young Americans. As such, he owns the profiles Sam is looking to get access to in her investigation, and he’s using it as a leverage to get in bed with her.

    A few months back, they had a brief flirt which turned into an adventure and his frozen heart melted to reveal some actual feelings. But Sam’s instability turned this brief relationship into a humiliating rejection for him.

    His main problem when using his position to bargain with Sam is that you don’t get to play with high security profiles protected by the FBI and forged by Nero without getting burned in the process, one way or another. 

Jimmy, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Jamie Irvine, actor

performed by Jamie IRVINE