Far away from Sam’s investigation, Kyle, a Cuban immigrant stroke by a strange illness, is facing his own ilife threatening issues.


    To his eyes, nothing is more important than family. So when his mother departs, leaving his only sister Mattie alone, Kyle decides to move to the United States to take care of her.


    Without papers and lucky enough to find a job in an unassuming advertising agency where his mother used to work, Kyle’s hands soon become tied to society’s expectations. And while he works hard to pay the mortgage left behind by his departed mother to support his little sister, Kyle wastes too much time worrying about his daily problems and doesn’t notice all the warning signs Mattie is leaving behind.


    When his sister, the only family he has left, disappears without leaving a trace, Kyle’s world crumbles apart. Retrieving Mattie in the midst of a gigantic religious and political mess won’t prove as difficult as trying to understand why any reasonable person like his smart and brilliant sister would follow such a radical path.


    Maybe there are things in life worth fighting for greater than family. But with a death sentence over his head, Kyle might not live long enough to figure it out.

performed by Yohan RIBA MARTINEZ


Kyle, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Yohan Riba Martinez, actor