In the role of KYLE

    Born in Cuba, raised all over the place, from Lima, Peru to Paris, France, Yohan is what you'd call a citizen of the world. Which has broaden his horizons and made him open to other cultures and religions.

    He has spent a lot of time trying to understand others, how people think, how they react, what defines them and why do people do what they do.... When he first realized young men and women in France and all over the world were deliberately leaving the comfort and security of their homes to join radical groups, Yohan immidiately started searching for answers, trying to explain something that's still remains unfathomable for half the planet.

    That's when Yohan decided to write the Hummingbird TV series and help shed some light on some issues we might actually be able to do something about.

    Yohan is an autodidact who has taught his way into every aspect of filmamking in order to not be dependent on anyone else to do his own projects. That's how his production company Evan & Kaisar Productions was born. The company started providing production services from Filming to Visual Effects and has now moved into a position of creating and developping its own creative content and first TV show.


Kyle, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Yohan Riba Martinez, actor