Tiffany, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Shira Weitz, actor

In the role of JENNA

Melissa LAWLOR

      Melissa is an actor & comedian from Sydney, Australia. You've seen her in TV shows such as Same Sex and Art kills. She recently finished shooting the feature film All about the afterglow and has gone on to star in numerous short films and commercials.

      As a Comedian, she has performed in the main room, the original and the belly room at The World Famous Comedy Store in LA, and the Laugh Riot Grrl Comedy Festival.

      Melissa was a gymnast and a dancer growing up and has done stunts on Feature films such as Get the girl & Kiss Kiss

      On the weekends Melissa loves roller staking and drinking cocktails by the pool with her friends. 



In the role of TIFFANY

    Shira Weitz is the creator of the comedic and raunchy web series "Brunch on Sundays," which was featured on Huffington Post and Elite Daily. She's has been acting for film, T.V. and the stage for over 10 years and has written a plethora of short films, plays, feature films, and pilots.

    She works weekly as an actor, writer and director with the sketch collaborative Nightpantz and is a co-founder of the new production house Alpha Leonis. Shira also loves Beyonce, if Beyoncé is not a robot 


Jenna, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Melissa Lawlor, actor