Amy and Elizabeth’s mother.


     After her divorce, she had to raise her two daughters as a single parent and felt confronted with the necessity to start looking for a new job and work extra hours to pay all the bills and mortgage.


    But despite being absent most of the time, her love for her daughters and her commitment to their success in life is unconditional. She has given them everything she had to offer and been there as much as possible to offer them emotional support through the difficult times of adolescence.

    She firmly believes her family has been able to remain strong and solid in spite of all the obstacles and overwhelming factors of life. But despite all her good faith and willingness, she was unable to see the signs of her own daughter Amy drifting away. Her sudden disappearance will break Mrs. Anderson's heart, perpetually wondering …


    What did I do wrong? 

Mrs. Anderson, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Deborah Puette, actor

performed by Deborah PUETTE