Deborah PUETTE

In the role of Mrs. ANDERSON



    Deborah is a devoted mother deeply involved in her community, working with charity and engaged in political and social activism.

    She's also a writer and one heck of a good actress. You've seen her starring and guest starring in many TV series and movies such as The Office, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Revolution, Criminal MindsOZ the Great and Wonderful, (...

    She grew up near the edge of a cornfield in a neighborhood where all the kids ran around without shoes (they had shoes, they just didn't wear them.) The roads were tar-and-chip so in the summer, the bottom of her feet were sticky and black, and she'd swing them as she sat on the fence with her buddies watching the cows get milked. Deborah loved to be the center of attention, so she put on "shows" with the other kids in which she was the writer, director, costume designer, producer and star. Then she made all the grown-ups come and pay to sit through them. 


    Her life here in L.A. in 2017 is not so different.

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Mrs. Anderson, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Deborah Puette, actor

Hummingbird is an original TV show. Inspired by true events. How far would you go to understand why someone you truly love one day decided to join ISIS ?

Plot based. Character driven.

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