Take a good look at this man, for he is not who you think he is. He bears many names and personalities, but none truly reveals his true nature.

    On one hand, he ingeniously persuades young American men and women to go self implode in terrorist attacks all over the globe. On the other hand, he publicly shows himself as a devoted advocate against the impact of ISIS and the awful propaganda they make against the Islamic community as a whole.

    In between, you’ll see him wearing several other confusing masks and all of his actions will seem to contradict each-other. Yet, make no mistake, he is driven by a very clear goal and he has set forth a very meticulous plan to achieve it. A plan which will drastically affect all of our characters' lives.

Nero, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Jason Weiss, actor

performed by Jason WEISS


    So beware of him, for he knows better than anyone how the human nature with all its feelings and emotions work and operate. He can unseemingly outsmart even the brightest of us all put together.

    Because nothing is black or white, presented from the right angle, and with the right wording, he might even persuade you, the one hiding behind the screen, that what he does is actually right.


    And you’ll constantly be wondering, is he a bad guy? Is he a good one? Is there even a place in between when this many people all around the world are getting killed because of him?


    Figuring out which side is he truly on and what does he truly want, will be the keys to solve the intricate mystery behind this plot.