Stubborn like a ram, and highly impatient. Sam is above all things reckless. But also highly intuitive and purpose driven. In an innocent way she arrays the charisma and the elegance of a graceful French woman. At least until you see her pouring coffee on her glamorous dress… Because yes, she’s very clumsy too.


    Running away from her responsibilities and a guilty past, Sam landed in the United States a few years back, looking for a new start. She got married to Zahir, an Amercian Muslim cop who helped her out when she most needed help.


    Sam’s issue is that she’s unable to commit to anything. Or anyone. But the case of Amy Anderson, which Zahir is investigating, deeply echoes with her runaway issues and the dark memories she left behind. This time, she’s more than ever determined to see this through till the end.


    She will discover there’s a link between the 12 missing kids and a mysterious person called Nero. In order to uncover the man behind the curtains, Sam will come up with a rather unusual and risky plan to deceive him into revealing his true personality.


    But you don’t get to outsmart Nero on his own terrain just like that. Nero has a certain ability to grasp the human nature which enables him to format a people's identity and make them believe, and do things, they would have never even thought of before. 


    Sam’s on the brink of uncovering a dark hidden facet of her own identity. A side of her which may change forever the course of her life. And the life of others.

performed by Faustine KOOIJMANN


Sam Leveque, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Faustine Kooijmann, actress