Sharp, smart-ass and witty, Sienna projects strength and confidence on the outside. Like a lion, she roars and stands tall to defend what she thinks is right. But deep inside, she’s insecure and she’s tired of pretending, tired of trying to fit in. 


    In her eyes, this society is amoral, driven by greed to serve selfish purposes. She knows she's not all inocent herself. She has been a part of the system all her life. But what are her options?


    She dreams of a life without compromises and desperately wants to escape and run away, go as far as she can from all this and live a humble life in a quiet place filled with nature, and hope for a more gratifying future.


    In the meantime, she’s stuck at the advertising agency selling people stuff they don’t even need. When she finally finds the courage to stand for herself and break through the chains of society, Kyle, her half French, half Cuban undocumented coworker and big crush, will drag her back to the harsh realities of this world by bringing Nero into her life.

    In order to be there for the one she loves, and help Kyle bring back his sister Mattie, Sienna will unknowingly enter a terrible world of despair, fear and delusions from which she may not come out unscathed.

Sienna, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Tate Hanyok, actor

performed by Tate HANYOK

Sienna O'MEARA