Kyle and Sienna’s co-worker. Slightly slower than most, he’s not the smartest guy you’ve come across, but he’s kind and faithful to his friends.

    In the midst of all the mess that’s about to ravage the office, Pete is what some politicians may call collateral damage. An innocent victim that had nothing to do with nothing.

Pete, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Dennis Hurley, actor

performed by Dennis HURLEY



performed by Chet NELSON

    Kyle and Sienna’s boss. His real name is Steven, but he likes people to call him Stephane, like Europeans do. Coz yes... he's that kind of guy.

    Ever since he took over his father’s advertising agency, the standing lowered, and now the company can only afford small clients and usually not the good ones.

    Sienna who worked with his father before, a great businessman, holds him accountable for ruining the image of the company and throwing her career down the toilet with it. She’s very explicit about it and they argue constantly calling each other names out loud across the office. But Stephane won’t fire her because deep inside he knows she’s right. 

    All he truly wants is to live by the beach, a coconut water in one hand and a beautiful exotic woman in the other. So he counts his money down to the last penny to prepare his early retirement.

    When Kyle unknowingly brings Nero to the office his whole life is about to change.

Steven, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Chet Nelson, actor