Sam’s husband, a law enforcement detective, and the descendant of a muslim family.

      Zahir considers himself to be an American above all and strives to exist by his own actions away from all labels appointed by society.


     He is strong, pragmatic with high deductive skills, and may look unbreakable on the outside, but his heart aches for Sam and her constant instability throws him off in the pursuit of his goals.

    When Sam starts digging in a case he was directly ordered to halt by the FBI, Zahir finds himself spearheaded back into the reality of labels from which he has been trying to escape all his life. Torn apart by his personal goals and ambitions to succeed in this society and the awful realization that there is a strong amalgam made by this same society against the muslim community from which he comes from, Zahir will have to make a choice and turn the other way or give up everything he fought for in order to stand for what he thinks is right. 

Zahir, character of the Hummingbird TV show series, played by Fehd Benchemsi, actor

performed by Fehd BENCHEMSI

Zahir SAAB